Scaleable to your Business

If you are looking to run a business on-line or want to host a blog of your adventures then this plan is your best option; it incorporates both email and PHP5 enabled web space, plus for more advanced websites also allows up to 5 different databases to store information.

Easy One-Click Software Installation

Easy to use one-click installs of popular software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, osCommerce, and many more. No more uploading and editing config files, you are ready to go in a single click without any installation headaches.

Email Only Need only email but not web hosting?

£5.99 Per Month

  • 10Gb Email Storage
  • POP3/IMAP Secure Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Webmail (Browser Based Email)
  • FTP Access
  • Spam and virus protection

Standard Our best-selling business package

£120.00 Per Year

  • 20GB Combined Storage
  • 10 POP3/IMAP Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Email Aliases
  • 5 MySQL and/or PostgreSQL Databases
  • PHP5 Hosting with FastCGI
  • SSL Sites Available

SSL Hosting If you require secure SSL certificate

from £899

  • 20Gb combined storage
  • SSL certificate for wild-card domain
  • POP3/IMAP Secure Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • MySQL Database
  • Webmail (Browser Based Email)
  • Email spam and virus protection

Register Domain Name with Design Pixel

Ever registered a domain name with a company and lost their details? Company gone bust, or you've lost your login?

This is a common experience which is why we offer a totally managed service whereby we will register the domain and manage it on your behalf for free! You only pay for the registration, we will make any DNS changes if and when you need them at no extra cost.

There are many companies through which you can register your domain name. Businesses commonly have more than one domain name registered, sometimes registered with different domain registrars. When it comes to changing where a domain points to or renewing a domain, it can soon become a daunting task.

Design Pixel can take the headache out of domain management, we can register and manage your domain forwarding and renewals. We can check if domains are available, and register a domain to you.

Beware When Choosing Domain Companies

Be careful when selecting which company to use to register your domain name on your behalf. Some web companies will register the domain in their own name and effectively 'lease' it to you. When it comes to moving away from that web company, they can often add additional 'release fees'.

Don't get stung by these bad practices, Design Pixel will register the name and provide evidence that has been registered to your name. We can register any type of domain that you are eligible for, including, .com .net and so on.

Let Design Pixel Register and Manage your Domain Name

Typically we register domain names for a period of 2 years at a time. We ensure that when the renewal date approaches, you are notified so that the domain name can be secured for a further 2 years.

Design Pixel can transfer your existing domain names to our own provider enabling us to manage the domain along with ongoing renewals, contact us today for more information.

Domain Name Tips

When it comes to registering your domain name, there are many things to think about, here are my top 5 tips.

Keep it short – nobody wants to type in a very long domain name, try and keep it to 15 letters or under.

Consider other Top Level Domains (TLD’s) such as .info or .biz. You will find that your desired name is more likely to be available.

Let it Flow. Avoid too many hyphens in the domain name. Have you tried reading out loud: Your name needs to ‘flow’ when you read it.

Think laterally. You company name may have been taken for all major TLD’s, so why not consider names which describe what you do. eg. (Tanning Shop)

Speak to an expert. There is no substitute for experience, you want to avoid the pitfalls. Contact us today.