Personal Cloud Storage

We have partnered with ownCloud to bring you the best in private cloud storage. You no longer have to worry about the safety of your data in the cloud. Take full advantage of modern technologies that will sync your data no matter where you are.

Easy to Use

With an easy to use web interface, desktop client, and mobile app for both Android and Apple devices you can be sure you have access to your data wherever you are on your own terms. Using the unified cloud dashboard you can access all of your data and services in one place.

External Storage

In addition to storing your data in a secure juridiction you can also link external accounts; Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 buckets, and many more.

User Encryption

We run a "zero-knowledge" service, your file data is stored using high grade encryption with you holding the key, not even we will be able to see the contents of your files!

Version Control

Be sure that your data will be safe in the event of a disaster, if you delete a file by mistake, or want to get back to the old version, it's not a problem with version control.


Personal Cloud Storage
Your own personal cloud to store data in a secure offshore location.

  • 5GB+ Storage Options
  • Desktop & Mobile Syncing
  • Encrypt Files
  • Versioning Support
  • Task Management / Calender
  • Attach Your Own Storage
  • Ideal for Backups
  • Secure Offshore Location